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We're Bred by Design by SpytFyre-Ranch We're Bred by Design by SpytFyre-Ranch
Show: Sovereign Hills Valentines Swing
Eventing Class: Dressage
Song Played: "A Kiss from a Rose" by Seal (…
"If you don't quit snatching your tail away, I'm going to braid it all with bright pink ribbon. You will never live it down."
    He hadn't believed her. Now, instead of the classy gold and white string that he always had, Immortalis' hair was braided in varying shades of pink, purple, and a color he had been informed was "mauveine". Cece had matching ribbon plaited in her hair. Frankly, he thought he looked fabulous, but at least three other horses had made fun of his ribbons. At least three horses were now missing a good chunk of their hair. This development had caused quite a bit of screaming, from both riders and horses. Immortalis snorted. It wasn't his fault that the mare's owner hadn't secured the fake tail properly so the entire thing had come out. Gabby had dragged him off to the far corner of the warm-up ring after that, while Cece did her best to console the aggravated horse owners.
    Thankfully, the ring was mostly empty. The few other riders had seen the golden stallion snap and gave him wide birth. This suited him just fine. Turning his head to glare at Gabby, he watched her fumble with his girth for a minute before she clambered onto his back. He could feel her heart-beat increase as she sat down. Was she- she was. Immortalis resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Gabby thought he was going to do something. What that something was, Immortalis had no idea. He was perfect under saddle. The pinnacle of his breed. This was an affront to his honor. The more he thought about it, the more annoyed Immortalis became.
    A soft squeeze cued the stallion to walk. Ignoring the command, Immortalis instead chose to grab the bit and drop his head. Gabby's soft gasp came a second later. With a flick of his tail, Immortalis trotted forward. He felt Gabby's futile attempts to pull the reins back. Without missing a beat, the stallion turned sharply and picked up his pace. The pair looked to be in perfect harmony to any outsider. Or rather, they looked fine to everyone on the other side of the arena.
    In reality, Gabby's hands were fisted as she desperately tried to rein the stallion in. Immortalis continued trotting along, ignoring any attempts to slow down or steer. Instead, the horse chose to show off his beautiful extended trot.
And then his collected trot.
And then the collected canter.
Flying lead changes.
He did it all.
    And after a few minutes, Gabby realized that she'd completely relaxed. The horse had the smoothest gait she'd ever felt. Despite having no control of his head (or anything really), not once had the stallion seemed likely to bolt or buck. It was more as though he was... showing off? That sounded like something he would do. Gabby snorted as the horse finally came to a stop. There was not a single piece of hair out of place or a faint sheen of sweat on him. It was as though he hadn't just spent the last 10 minutes running around like a spoiled child. At least he was sufficiently warmed up. Gabby hopped down from the saddle and scowled at the stallion. He returned the favor. They staid like that for a good minute until someone clapping broke the trance.
    The two looked up to see the source of the clapping. To their left stood Cece, hip against the rail as she grinned up at them.
"I take it you like him?"
Gabby grimanced and shot Immortalis a look of awe mixed with contempt. "He's... good at what he does."
    Cece laughed and held her hand out to take the reins from her groom. Gabby eagerly placed them in her hand. Stepping closer to the horse, Cece began to adjust the stirrups. "And he's good at everything. Except maybe playing nice with others," she began. "Isn't that right Mo-mo?" The last word was whispered loud enough for only the horse to hear. Immortalis' ears shot forward. Cece gave her horse wicked grin as she finished her adjustments.
The groom looked between the panicked horse and his owner. Not her business. Shrugging her shoulders, she reached down to pull off the Immortalis' wraps. "He's all warmed up for you."
"I saw. Looks like you gave him quite the ride."
Gabby paused. "Something like that."
Cece laughed again, then checked her watch. "Oh crap, look at the time. Its time to hop on and head to the ring. Can you give me a leg up?"
    A few minutes later, the trio stood down near the main show ring. There were few spectators hanging around for the early morning classes. Most were already seated in the arena's shady covered area. Gabby gave her boss one last thumbs-up before she blended into the sidelines. For his part, Immortalis stood still and cut an impressive figure in the crowd. Cece absent-mindedly scratched his withers while they waited. It was more than five minutes before their names were announced and the duo trotted out onto the main floor.

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End me, I'm having way too much fun designing saddle pads.

Also Immortalis is undeniably vain, like wow, you think you are some hot stuff, don't ya?


Art and Characters (c) me
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